Walk-in Showers for Winchester

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Winchester Walk-in Showers

A walk-in shower is specially made for safe usage by people who are aging and may have mobility issues. Unlike standard showers with steep and slippery ledges, walk-in showers are safely accessible to people using wheelchairs or walkers. In addition, this type of bath fixture is also popular with families with pets and small children because they’re convenient and comfortable. If you’re considering walk-in shower installation in Winchester, Envision Remodeling is the right team for the job. 

We’ve made a reputation for high-quality products, thoughtful service, and artistic designs since opening in 2020. Clients can expect our experts to complete a walk-in shower installation that mixes pragmatism and aesthetics. For that reason, we suggest that you take a peek at the online gallery to view samples of our previous work. You’re also invited to reach out for a complimentary consultation so you can discuss your design. Just contact us at 859-404-4308 to get started.

Advantages of Installing a Walk-in Shower in Winchester

Walk-in showers are unlike standard models because they do away with cumbersome steps and doors. These adjustments make them safer and more comfortable in addition to offering the bathroom a bigger, airier look and feel. Prefabricated units are built with a shallow indent to trap water; however, custom units can be modified to have a slight slant instead of a channel. The second option is perfect for homeowners with mobility issues and joint injuries. 

Walk-in Shower Options

At Envision Remodeling, we handle each walk-in shower remodel in Winchester with a unique, tailor-made approach. 

Our #1 goal is to ensure your new shower is perfectly customized to your physical requirements while matching your visual style. That’s why Envision Remodeling provides an impressive array of options and designs for customizing a new walk-in shower. 

Here are a few of the many features you can modify for your Winchester walk-in shower installation:

Select the material, color, and design: 

You have your choice from a wide catalog of colors and materials for your new walk-in shower. From every popular subway tile to sleek acrylic and rustic stone, the options are unlimited.

Add doors or walls: 

A walk-in shower doesn’t need to have a wide-open layout. Lots of homeowners prefer features such as partial walls made of glass, fabric curtains, and frameless shower doors. These features can create a bit more privacy in the room and keep water droplets within the bathing area.

Opt for add-on features

Add-ons can enhance your level of comfort and the safety of people with physical disabilities. Grab bars can make it safer to get into and out of the shower by giving the bather something to grab hold of. Additionally, we can install built-in benches so individuals can remain comfortably seated for the duration of the shower. 

Walk-in Shower Installation in Winchester

When the time comes to install a walk-in shower in Winchester, Envision Remodeling will be prepared to begin. Our remodeling team will assist you in deciding on the right materials and accessories for your revamped bathroom. We’re also dedicated to working with your budget and timeline resulting in a authentically seamless shower renovation experience. When you’re ready to book your free consultation and price quote, contact us via the web form or call our office at 859-404-4308. We’re pleased that you’re considering Envision Remodeling for walk-in shower remodeling in Kentucky!

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