Walk-in Showers for Danville

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Danville Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers are specially made for safe usage by individuals of all different ages and may have joint or mobility issues. Unlike standard showers which have steep and slippery ledges, walk-in showers can be accessed conveniently by someone in a walker or wheelchair. Additionally, this kind of shower is also popular with households with young kids and pets since they’re comfortable and convenient. If you’re considering walk-in shower installation in Danville, Envision Remodeling is the go-to option. 

We’ve built a reputation for premium products, knowledgeable service, and visionary design work since our business was established in 2020. Clients can trust our experts to finish a walk-in shower installation that marries your practical goals and visual appeal. We encourage you to take a look at the online gallery to view samples of our previous work. We also encourage you to set up a no-cost consultation so you can discuss your project ideas and inspiration. Give us a call at 859-404-4308 to get started!

Benefits of Installing a Walk-in Shower in Danville

Walk-in showers are distinct from traditional models because they don’t feature cumbersome steps and doors. These changes make them safe and comfortable; plus, they offer the room a larger, airer look. Prefabricated units feature a slight channel to prevent leaks, but custom units can be adjusted to have a subtle ramp instead of a groove. The latter option is ideal for people with issues related to joints and mobility. 

Can You Customize a Walk-in Shower?

At Envision Remodeling, we manage each Danville walk-in shower remodel with a tailor-made approach. 

Our primary goal is to make your new shower perfectly tailored to your physical needs all the while complimenting your bathroom’s aesthetic. That’s why we have a vast range of materials and designs for personalizing a brand-new walk-in shower. 

Here are a few of the design elements you can select for your walk-in shower installation in Danville:

Narrow down your shape, material, and color: 

You can select from a wide-ranging range of colors and materials for your walk-in shower. From traditional subway tile to contemporary acrylic and rugged stone, your imagination is the only limit.

Add on doors or walls: 

A walk-in shower doesn’t have to have a wide-open design. Instead, lots of homeowners prefer features including partitions made of glass, fabric curtains, and glass doors. These elements can offer a little more privacy and keep water in the bathing area.

Think about add-on features

Add-ons can increase your comfort level and the safety and balance of people aging in place. Grab bars can make it simpler to get in and out of the shower by giving the bather something to grab hold of. We can also install built-in benches so bathers can stay comfortably seated throughout the shower. 

Danville Walk-in Shower Installation

Whenever you’d like to install a walk-in shower in Danville, Envision Remodeling will be ready to go. Our remodeling team will guide you in choosing the perfect materials and accessories for your re-envisioned bathroom. We’re also committed to respecting your budget and timeframe to offer an authentically seamless bathroom remodeling experience. When you’re ready to set up your complimentary consultation and price estimate, all you need to do is contact us via the online form or call us at 859-404-4308. We’re pleased that you’re considering Envision Remodeling for walk-in shower installation in Kentucky!

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