4 Bathroom Safety Tips for Aging in Place in Lexington, KY

4 Bathroom Safety Tips for Aging in Place in Lexington, KY

4 Bathroom Safety Rules  for Aging in Place

Are you aware that the most hazardous room in your home is the bathroom? In fact, over 360 accidents take place in the bathroom every day. Yikes! Regrettably, the bathroom’s hazards only increase as we age. Slipping and falling, specifically when getting into and exiting the bath, can lead to substantial injuries like broken bones. Luckily, there are plenty of steps you can take to amplify your bathroom’s safety and diminish possible injuries. 

Bathroom renovating for Aging in Place

The expression “aging in place” refers to bathroom renovations that result in a safe environment for homeowners as they grow older. The mission behind aging in place is that homeowners can live independently many years to come. If designed properly, aging in place is a superb option for homeowners who would like to remain in their current abode as well as raising their quality of life. 

Four Strategies to Create a Safe and Beautiful Bathroom

If you want to re-imagine a safe bathroom for older residents, there are specific concepts you must always incorporate.

These key factors include:

  • Safety 
  • Independence
  • Comfort
  • Affordability

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at each one!

1. Safety

The #1 objective of aging in place bathroom remodeling is to lower the potential of injury. That encompasses creating an area that considers things like seating placement, steepness of any steps going in and out of the bathtub, placement of shelving, and additional features like grab bars. The overall focal point of the set-up is to help the homeowner complete bathing in a manner that is not only safe but comfortable. 

2. Independence

A significant reason why older homeowners give up their ability to live independently is the prospect of falling. Tragically, falling is most likely to occur in the bathroom. Bathrooms specially designed for aging in place take advantage of brilliant design components and safety features to offer older individuals with more traction and balance. Non-slip flooring, grab bars, and low threshold steps are just a couple of the wide array of bathroom additions for aging in place with comfort. 

3. Comfort

As homeowners grow older, problems like muscle aches and joint discomfort become more likely. That’s why walk-in baths boast features to placate these pesky aches and pains. Water jets create a massage-like sensation and are typically installed in strategic areas alongside the bath’s base. Contoured seating are affixed to the bathtub and accommodates the natural structure of the body so older bathers can relax for a long period of time without developing any cramps.

4. Affordability

Not everyone has a giant bank account to finance their upcoming bathroom renovation. Seniors in particular are likely to be on fixed incomes. That’s why, there are remodeling options for every price point. 

Begin Your Bathroom Renovation Today! 

The easiest way to begin your bath remodel is to meet with a renovator who focuses on aging in place design. These specialists have the formal preparation and hands-on experience to work with the specialized requirements of aging residents.

 An Envision Remodeling USA specialist remodeler can:  

  • Grade your bathroom’s present condition for safety.
  • Provide suggestions on how to make the room more safe.
  • Discuss upgrade options that fit your comfort requirements, style and budget.
  • Collaborate with you to visualize a bathroom that is safe and enjoyable for many years to come.

If you’re prepared to kick-off your aging-in-place bathroom upgrade, simply reach out the knowledgeable Lexington Bathroom Remodelers at Envision Remodeling USA!


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